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Newborn Photography – When should I book my photoshoot?

If you have pre-booked your newborn photography session with me before your baby arrives then we will have been communicating already.

I pencil you in the diary for a provisional date and then I will be in touch closer to the time to confirm if baby has arrived.  A lot of parents fear booking in advance incase baby is late but I advise to book just after your 20 week scan.  As I said it's just a provisional date and it can be changed if your baby arrives early or late. 

Don't worry if you have forgotten or didn't think to book a newborn shoot, there really is no pressure and if extra time is needed to adjust as new parents, take all the time to rest.  One thing I do like to do is to reassure new parents that if for any reason the photoshoot doesn’t take place until up to 4 weeks or beyond, it really is fine.

The pictures will be just as beautiful at any stage and just as precious.

Newborn photo with baby on pillow

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